Make It Stop…

I am not sure about you BUT I have noticed that there are many people, lately that I talk to, that are really interested in having the elections over. I know, they are not ever really over. All that will happen is we will have a new chapter in our history. Though at this point, all I would like is to be able to have it done.

It seems to have changed so much already, for example, I was walking down the street the other day and another woman almost ran into me. I simply moved over on the sidewalk and let her go by, it seems as if she was more of a hurry than me. I just let her take stride and walk briskly by. She did start to slow down and we did have a short conversation. We said hello and then proceeded to say how stressed each of us were, “Ya know, with the election and all.” It surprised me that the two of us immediately knew what the other women was saying. I smiled and held my head slightly down so to express my focus on the destination I was trying to reach. She too, was as focused as I; we just drifted apart each going our own way.

Stressed? Maybe that is what you call it, stressed about not knowing what was happening next, great.

Here’s the Thing… it will all work out, November 9th will come and it will all be okay. The sun will rise, the coffee may be good and all my bills will need to be paid; like the rent, and yes, by the 9th, that will be late and have a late fee attached. Now, that’s stress.. But…we will all move on.

Maybe, I should have told that very worried, stressed out woman I met just that…..



Do I Dare Say It?….

It has become quite clear to me that if I wrote exactly how I felt about things…someone would be offended. There would be “hate” mail in my email and I would be called a name or two. So, in not wanting to “offend” anyone…I stopped writing.

Well, that’s not exactly fair nor is it the true solution to any cause. If anyone opposes something there should be respect to the opposing view; no matter how crazy it seems to be. My insane idea by your standards may in fact have some truth or resolution when combined with some of your crazy ideas. That’s how things should work, respect and the willingness to listen, evaluate and blend ideas to have a combined look at things to me makes sense.

Not everyone has this view. Some feel they have a right to shove ideology down your throat and say, “That’s the way it is.” I remember when I was a kid and when my parents said stuff like that to me, it did not go very well. Same as an adult.  What I find different now is that many don’t take the time to learn the history or background of a situation. They go by what they hear in short bursts of information and spit it back out like its the truth.

Whatever happened to digesting information, finding out the truth of the information or even the sources motivation of the information. It seems that many do not have the time or don’t want to take the time to develop a strong well supported foundation to an argument.  Having different views is good, it’s healthy, it’s important.

Where it is not good is when one can be lead blindly because they don’t take the time to think about the history or challenge the motivation of someone.

Moving with the masses is not acceptable, we all have a responsibility to speak up, to express, to respect and challenge.

Here’s the thing….If we don’t, History will repeat its self.

The Show MUST go on…

I know most people don’t care. That they just look at the numbers in a budget. They don’t care because they have no connection, they do not see the value in something.

Don’t let this happen, don’t let the theater be silenced, The show must go on, it is vital to the families and the military community.

Budgets are not easy, cuts need to be made but read this quote from IMCOM spokesman Scott Malcom,

“Our intent is to use our limited funds to provide critical base operating services and sustain the infrastructure that makes the Army ready,” Malcom said. “Is quality of life a child development center or a community theater? Are we in the humanities business or are we in the warfighting business?”

Stars & stripes article



Here’s the link to petition this decision and to have the voices of the community heard. Please sign it…

Anger blurs the words that need to be shared.  The Army asked for my families service and we gave it, with honor and respect. This is not about me and mine. It is about how we coped with the daily pressures of “serving” our country. We served the best way we knew.

The closing of the community theaters for families is wrong and  will harm the development of family members everywhere. Community theaters are a place where all are able to somehow transform to a different place and release the daily stress and pressures that consume a military families daily life. The release from the pressure of living in the Army is needed. Let me remind you, we are not talking about large oversize building that you find in most “civilian” communities here in the States. We are talking about Army base block buildings that are “converted” into places that allow families and kids to get an “idea” about the theater.  The overhead budget is not a large operating budget, this is not a building housing a “Hamilton” production.

The argument can be made that 1.96 million dollars is a lot of money for funding. We do know that the government can spend money in crazy ways BUT I am sure there are other places they can pull money from before taking away this very important community service. For a small bleep of time we could forget the worries of the world and go somewhere else.

I am hoping that this decision is not fully made and that somehow, somewhere, over the rainbow, there is time to change the decision and have these funds put back into the budget.

You can do something to prevent this from happening, to have your voice heard, sign the petition….







Wake up…Life has just Started…


I have been wondering how it I would explain my latest “disaster”…

I  am trying to recover from the aftermath of a punch from life…I think that I was wanting and needing to feel very sorry for myself but I have not been able to do it. The punch……does it matter? After all, we all have things in our life that are hard to swallow, to accept or even want to recognize.

I could be angry, retaliate or even try to get even but I am starting to realize that is not what I should do.  My “disaster” is actually a blessing in disguise.

I found this video, actually, it was posted on my face book board and it made me realize, I can change what I am doing with my life. I am always so quick to support and encourage others but not myself…It is time to take charge, break out from the shadows and shine in the light of my own dreams.

Here’s the Thing… No one really cares what you do, as long as you are doing it for you. You think that everyone is judging you. In reality, they are really only thinking of themselves.

Watch the video, not once, more than once.Then smile…






To My Sweet Lyndie…


To my sweet Lyndie..who was there … all the time…

Here are a few things that you need to know…

…That you made our days wonderful because you were there to walk us, kiss us and curl up with us on the couch.

…That you would place your head on my computer and look up at me with those beautiful eyes and tell me to pet you, or rub your belly.

…How you would wait patiently to put your blanket on the couch and when it was set, jump up and “move” the blanket to your favorite position.

…That you would make sure that when I was taking a bath that no one would be able to come in and bother me…

…How you would “howl” when I was talking too loud as if to join the conversation.

…How I miss hearing you drinking out of the toilet, just to remind me that you were thirsty and there was no water in your bowl.

…How much I miss you telling me you want to go under the blankets and cover you up for bed time.

…That I loved how you would pick up my sneaker and run around the house with it till I finally caught you and we got to go for a walk together.

…How you waited for me to come to the Vet’s office after your seizure….

….That you were the best dog ever.

I will always love you Lyndie…my sweet Lyndie.

-December 16, 2015



When the Mind Wonders…

It is amazing what happens when there is nothing to do…I mean, absolutely, nothing to do. You have already cleaned, washed folded and cooked. The clock seems to tick along but somehow it does not tick fast enough to keep up with the fury of your tasks. Now, you are all done…with nothing, simply nothing, else to do.

Many would be saying, ” You kidding me? I would DIE to feel that way, to have nothing left to do.”

Me, I just sit and wonder, wonder why I ran around like a total crazy lady only to find myself sitting here, out of breath and nothing else to do.

I take a sip of the coffee I have brewed and curl up in my brown leather chair. I  start to ponder about all the things I should be doing. What did I miss? Did I get everything did I… I sip my coffee and my mind tries desperately to rest.

The afternoon sun is peeking through the ivory lace curtains and the soft glow catches my eye. It causes me to focus and I look around my very empty house. Empty in many ways, furniture, people, and unfortunately no more dog. I sip my coffee again. Was I ever going to buy that rug I wanted for the dining room? I shake my head, Nah, too expensive…How about the picture for the fireplace? I sip my coffee again, Nah, too expensive …Maybe…

Nah..too expensive…it is all too expensive.

Then I remember that I need to pay some bills…the mind keeps going and onward I go.



Let the Dreaming Begin….

It’s been 9 months since the deflate gate saga began and last night I sat and watched as Brady and company won again against the Colts….nine months, that is a long time but when you think about it…that is the same amount of time to give birth to a child.

Nine long months, a little child grows and then is finally brought into this world…screaming….a new life has been born.

In some ways it is fitting that the deflate gate saga took nine months because like having a baby, this too has brought new life to a team that actually seems to have been “reborn.”

It has been a crazy nine months, the ebbs and flows, the angry words, the doubt, the fears, the insecurities…and then…

It is all over, the big day has arrived and the birth has been celebrated into the world…

another child has been born…another day, year and life is on it’s way….

But with this birth, the dream of owning a colt is really not the dream…actually, dreams of another Super Bowl ring is what is wanted….