Are you Listening…?

Here’s the Thing, I live in tight Army housing and the dog next door is barking, not a little but a consistent bark that seems to say, ” I really do not like being tied to this tree. Come bring me inside and play with me.” I hear him, I feel his pain. I too would not want to be tied to a tree with no one to play with or nothing to drink. My bark would be loud too.

Even as I write this, he is barking and my mind tells me to go and inform the owners that they are imposing on my desire to have quiet. I should be able to at least think about how I am going to tell you all about their obnoxious behavior of letting their dog bark without being interrupted. I wonder if they even thought about how I felt about the dog barking? Did they think, ” If my dog keeps barking my neighbors would find it disturbing?” I think not, since he is still going at it.

I bet you are wondering why don’t I go and stop the barking.  Why not give the owners a piece of my mind….here I go..I am back and now I sit in quiet, enjoying the summer breeze and smelling flowers…..That is until the baby a few doors down starts whaling like it is being murdered.