Pass the Vitamin D…

It seems as if no matter how hard I pray, I am not going to granted the blessing of seeing the sun.

You: (pointing at me and making a face) “She is exaggerating about how long it has been since the sun has shown its face in Germany.”

Me: (defiant) “No, it has been clearly 6 weeks since I saw the sun shine on my pale face.”

You: (correcting me) “No way, you saw it for ten minutes on Thanksgiving.”

Me: (with conviction) “Yep! And that is why I leaped from the dinner table to just run outside and feel its warmth upon my face.”

You: (a confession) “That’s when I ate some of your turkey off your plate.”

Me: (desperate) “When will the sun shine again?”

You: “Told you we need to move back to Florida!”

Florida…..I can feel the warmth of the breeze, hear the birds sing, watch the alligator meander in the lake, feel the sun glisten upon the water. Oh, the sparkles that it makes upon the water….but then I am quickly back to reality, pop open the vitamin D bottle and run to the window for a small glimpse of sunshine.


How Have You Been Changed?…


It sounded very exciting to hear that we would be leaving the United States and going to live in Europe. For us the closest we had been to a foreign land was Epcot in Florida. Now we have ventured across the pond to Germany. We were full of questions but one we never considered was, How would it change us?

Here are a few things that we will remember before going back to the States;

1) Never again tell someone in the States to only speak English.

I do not know German. I have only learned a few phrases that have gotten me through the day. I feel so much better when the person I am talking to speaks English. I should learn more German but I find it to be a hard language for me to learn.

2) There is a difference between 110 volts and 220 volts.

Plugging an item into the wrong voltage plug can cause you to spend a lot of money on replacing them. Paying attention to the volts is a lesson one learns very quickly. Especially when it is your computer that you plugged in wrong.

3)  Recycling is extremely important.

I have learned the importance of  recycling and how it influences the German economy. Everything is recycled and though it is difficult and frankly, a pain in the neck to do, the rewards for doing it outnumber the pain it takes to do it.

4) Learn your History, remember it and respect it.

To live where history has happened is an amazing and a wonderful gift. Everyone should learn the history of where they live. History good or bad keeps us all connected.

So, what do you think are the most important things you have learned by living somewhere else?