Taken for Granted….

There is so much that needs to happen before we can come home to the United States. The list goes on and on but as we prepare we realize that we will need to adjust to a new culture, again.

I did not give this much thought until I was talking with my teenage daughter who has been living overseas for the past 3 years. She has gotten use to traveling here and that means that when you cross a border to a new country you need to make sure you have your passport with you. To her, it is natural to carry a passport and present it to border patrols, if needed.   Though, I will admit, with open borders one generally does not need to show it. One has it for the ” just in case” moments. Her daily routine though of presenting identification to be on Post is that you need to show ID. These checkpoints provide security to the Post.  She has learned that you need an ID to go somewhere. Without it, can cause major issues.

We got talking about moving back to the States. We are considering moving to the New England area. Moving between States is normal and I was explaining to her how close Rhode Island is to Massachusetts, that going back and forth between the States is a normal everyday event.

“One minute you will be traveling down the highway and be in Rhode Island then the next exit will be Massachusetts.” I was explaining to her.

Her startled look  made me stop and pause. She looked a little confused and I asked her. “What seems to be the matter?”

“How many checkpoints do we need to travel through each day to get to the next State?” She stated quite calmly.

Here’s the Thing….her innocent question made me realize that she has learned a lot by living here in Europe.  She has not traveled  across State lines and not be checked for a passport or not have to stop to show an ID before entering a new area. I suddenly realized why she had a puzzled look. I was not thinking about things from her point of view. She only knows about carrying identification and that has become her world.

It has made me realize how many things that are taken for granted in the States.  That being able to just freely move among States will be a new concept.

“None”, I replied to her.  “We will not have to show ID to cross State lines. That’s one of many freedoms we have as being Americans. We can travel freely among the States.”

She smiled.