It’s Hard to Grow Up….

When I tell my daughter to do something she used to do it. No questions asked, just did it but now, she is a young adult who by her own right tells me, “No.” At first, I was a little surprised, and yes, delighted in her new found independence but other times I was so afraid for her. Not afraid that she couldn’t achieve the goals she was striving for but afraid that those obstacles and pit falls that had fallen upon me would blind side her in the worst possible way.  She knows right from wrong, she knows there are consequences, she respects others and she was brought up well.

I could see vividly in my mind the crying, the tears and I could feel the pain that she would feel from decisions that somehow I felt were not the best. I didn’t want her to go through such pain so, I would fight with her and fight till somehow the “new idea” would fade away and she would continue on her way. Another disaster totally missed. I was able to sleep a little better at night but, it never stayed that way for long.

It would happen again, but this time I was reminded that she had to make her own mistakes and she had to find a way if it failed. That no matter how much I wanted to protect her, she needed to go. To go and discover the path that would lead her on her own journey.

Here’s the thing….How different is this growing up of a child any different from a new President who seems to fight at every turn? He fights businesses, celebrities, leaders, and well, everyone.  Like my daughter, he gets on social media (which I can not stand) and makes comments that are misunderstood, rude, brash, you name it. Though each one has an image of what they want done there might be a point here to make.

The point being, let them grow up.


A Trip to the Deli…

So, I went to the commissary / grocery store yesterday to get a few things.  Feeling a bit upset about the election, I decided to get a  couple of sandwiches to “lift” my spirits.  So, I went to the  deli counter  and I noticed everyone was in the backroom.

I shouted out, “Excuse me, I would like a couple of sandwiches.”

They yelled back, “We do not make sandwiches till 10 o’clock.”

I looked at the clock  behind the counter and it read 2 minutes after 10.

I yelled back, “The clock says it is after 10.”

One worker came out from the back room, extremely frustrated that I interrupted his conversation and yells at me, “Not till 10 lady! Sandwiches are not made till then.”

I point to the clock on the wall , “But your clock says it is after 10.”

He took down the clock and mumbles, “Its battery operated.”

And proceeded to change the time to 5 of 10.

“See, it is 5 minutes to 10, we do not make sandwiches till 10!”  He walked away shaking his head.

I am left standing there. Mind you, I still want a sandwich, nothing seems to have changed except the time.

I guess when you are the only game in town it is okay to behave in such a matter and customer service does not need to be a concern of yours. I mean really, who is going to fire you? You are a government employee who has the right to work as fast or slow as you want. No one needs to tell you that you are being rude. Why care, the government will provide.

In some ways his actions made me think about the election. He no longer has to work for me. The government will keep him employed and give him the benefits that he needs in order to continue living.  As a society we are heading in this direction, people like me are just an interruption in his day.

As I was pondering these thoughts another employee decided to step in and asked me what sandwiches I wanted. I looked at him with hope and smiled.

“Oh, thank you, I appreciate you helping me. I would like…”and I completed the order.

Maybe all hope is not lost.

Maybe he is just a new government worker.

Maybe …..he voted for Romney.

Think Before You Do…

There seems to be a lot of different opinions  running around on the web lately. At first I did not give it any thought. I figured, that is what all of us are able to do, give different perspectives and ideas on what we think is right . But in the process of my trolling the web, I seem to be reading a lot of comments that are harsh. Some have even generated petitions against what someone else thought was funny, humorous and/or entertaining.

Now a days there is a larger audience to share our thoughts and with that comes responsibility. It also can expose unwanted, unfounded “experts” on how right or wrong the thought is.   So it begs the question, who is right?  By what standards or level of responsibility do we own when we say what we want?

Each day the rhetoric appears to be a spiraling out of control of what is acceptable to one and not the other. Each person has the right to voice what they want but at what level of  engagement does respecting the other side begin? By whose guidelines should each person understand that when debating, arguing or passionately stating an opinion be acceptable?

All that can be said from my point of view is that if one is going to present an opinion, do so with knowing that not everyone is going to agree. Also, look at the source that the information is coming from, it is for entertainment, political, satirical, or another form of writing that is presenting  a thought. Know the source, do your homework before passionately condemning the writer. Viewing the web from this perspective could assist in the process of  cooling one’s head before spewing one’s own comments.

Remember too, you can always walk away or turn it off.

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