You’re the Apprentice Now…

When I use to watch The Apprentice, I liked it mostly for the Board room commentary and how individuals would be criticized on the talent of their work. Sometimes the language or matter in which it was given was rather harsh but I understood it was for the entertaining value of the show. That ratings depended on the crazy things the people would say or do. The best part of it was, I was able to “turn it off” if I didn’t like it. It had no impact on the daily life I had except to provide a form of amusement.

I use to find it amusing how Donald Trump would sit in his large chair in the center of the Board room table and in his authoritative way declare if you stayed or, “Your Fired.” I was never really sure I wanted to work for someone who behaved or acted in the matter that he did but, it seemed only fair that he could hire and fire anyone he wanted for his own company. Television ratings loved the show and so did everyday people. See, the award of The Apprentice was to work for the Trump organization, a job I might add that came with a wonderful salary and tons of perks.

I know many of you have seen the show and am wondering why I am telling you all this;

Here’s the Thing….The reality show concept or the reality game of The Apprentice has turned around, I don’t work for Donald Trump, he works for me. The minute he was sworn in he became the President of the American People. He now represents all of us around the world. He is the one walking into the Board room all nervous and hoping to have the right answers to the questions that are asked of him.  He is now The Apprentice and the American People are head of the Board room. I am not sure that this concept has been realized.

So, as one of many, “in charge of the Board room” and in the kindness way possible, listen up, I am willing to give you a chance but this is NOT a reality television show. This is REAL LIFE. Please treat your new position that way or you may hear from the American people the very words you have said to others… “Your Fired!”


Lost and then Found!

Sometimes it is good to look around and see what you have before you go and try to find more things.

I had misplaced a video that was done when I read my book Madison & the Amazing Car to the elementary kids here in Germany. That day was so much fun and yes, I was extremely nervous but excited to be sharing the book. The USO sponsored the appearance and the Armed Forces Network (AFN)  Eagle mascot walked around with me as I talked and signed books in each of the classes.

The interview with AFN was so much fun! For weeks after the reading they played it on TV!

Click to watch the interview.

Madison & the Amazing Car reading

Here’s the Thing….sometimes a passion  can be overlooked when one thinks that other things may be more important.

So…I am dusting off the cover of the book and sharing with it you.

Buy it here if you want.

Share it with your friends but always remember each day is an adventure….some things can get Lost BUT then they are Found.

   Click here to buy the book.


Tony Soprano sent Me….

I will confess, I am a Jersey girl at heart and love the Jersey Shore…no, not that Jersey Shore but if you travel a little further north and do not blink…you would be in my home town. There is a sense of calm being a no-nonsense Jersey girl but I will confess, as I get older I have mellowed out quite a bit.  Snooki had nothing on me in my former younger life. I prefer the Sopranos family though; it fits my personality better. I generally do not tell anyone that I am from Jersey but if the conversation comes up and I am asked what exit, I will state, “Exit 98 was home.”

With that said, I will admit the inner Soprano in me has mellowed considerably since becoming  a military spouse living in Germany.  I try very hard not to act out my Jersey ways in the military settings I find myself in during the journey of my day. But, there are times that I really wonder what the Sopranos would do if they were stuck in the situations I often come across. For example…..

Let’s talk deli food, more specifically, deli sandwiches. I am sure the crew of the Sopranos would not be in a line watching one person handle special orders from staving soldiers and civilians. That deli employee would be moving faster than lightning to make sure that those sandwiches were made and would do it with a big smile.  They would not stop making a sandwich half way done to clean up a mess caused by another employee who happens to be doing something else for an Inspector who decided to drop by during the busy lunch hour run.

I can almost see their faces, kind of  what mine looked like except the  big difference would be they would have been shouting, “What the f*** are you thinking. Make the sandwich and get me the f*** out of here!”  Oh, (deep sigh) I wish I had said that. But there I stood waiting, endlessly waiting for them to finish what they had started. The sandwich took over 20 minutes to be made.

Here, in the military, in the commissary, rushing a government worker is not a good idea.  But next time  I will tell them I am related to the Sopranos, from Jersey and get me the f***  my sandwich. Tony would be so proud, don’t ya think?

Is this You?

Reality Television

I was watching a 20/20 show about adults losing it and it got me thinking, Why are we seeing this more often? A parent, a news anchor, kids behaving poorly on a bus or someone in an authority position just absolutely going nuts.

Here’s the thing……..We are watching far too much reality TV, so call reality TV and this is shaping our culture. Snooki is a household name, and is plastered everywhere, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Housewives of the crazies, all are on the TV showing us how others live. We can not get enough, it makes us feel like somehow our lives are somewhat better, more stable or just down right boring and many think, how can I get on TV.

What happens when reality becomes violent? What do we do when kids are caught taunting a bus monitor and brings her to tears? We not only are outraged but shower her with more money than any of us can afford. Seriously, is this really the way to express remorse for what happened? What are we as a society going to do when the next bus monitor gets bullied in the Fall? Maybe we should just set up a fund for all bus monitors to give them money for vacations. I am not saying that I accept the behavior of the kids but I am saying that we need to think about what and how we react to it. In a world of reality TV someone is going to find another way to out do the latest drama unfolding on the news.

We do not need to take the bait, unless it is us who are finally getting the 15 minutes of fame.

Seriously, Bruce Jenner, Father of the Year?

If Bruce Jenner is Father of the Year, then my husband is Father of the decade! What in the world was Esquire thinking when they allowed Chris Jones to feature this article? Are we all that stupid to think that this family is an actual functioning family that represents the picture of Americans? What in the world are they, Esquire, thinking….????!!!

Here’s the thing, it sells magazines and for all the people wanting to learn something new that is Kardashian, then, here you go. But, if you are like me, I have grown tired of hearing about this family. I am not sure what they do, or why they do it.  I do think that they a contributing to the stupidity of the American public by feeding the laziness and entitlement society that is happening within our current culture.

Am I suppose to feel sorry for this guy? He was a fantastic Olympic star at one time. He actually work hard, gave passion to a craft of being an athlete. Bruce, what happened to you? Where did the passion go?

Each day Military family fathers wake up and give their time and thier lives to protect this type of behavior of people who think that getting on TV is a success. I cannot say I feel sorry for Bruce but I do feel bad for every family that actually do something that has meaning by giving their lives to defend this behavior.

Chris Jones, next time you decide to write an article, write about a family that defends America and sacrifices their life for it. Not about a family that is only looking to suck the life from any good American family. Maybe, just maybe you could call all military fathers, Father of the Year as they are the ones who actually defend your right to write this.

But….that doesn’t sell  magazines, does it?

Here’s the article: